Super Fan Contests

I completely recognize that the production of this game is entirely dependent on you, the fan who has taken an interest, promoted it to your friends and been supportive toward me as I work toward making a fun and memorable game!

I want to show that appreciation for anyone who’s come along for the journey by calling out my “Super Fans”, immortalized in print, in the final production of the game! You’re part of the reason the product exists, so why shouldn’t you be able to point out your involvement to your friends when you pull the game off the shelf?

Conceptual visualization of the idea

**Note: that this is not the final box art, and is intended only to give an idea of my intentions. The actual implementation of this will vary from what’s shown here. Inclusion of these Super Fans will only be a part of the first print run of the game.

How do I get listed as a Super Fan?

For now (this may change closer to launch), Super Fans will be drawn once a month from our Facebook page. Each month, anyone who has liked one of our posts from that month will be entered into the draw. Each post you like, is one new entry!

At the end of each month we’ll use a random number generator to select one winner, contact them, and announce the name they choose on this page, to be included in print, in the physical game!

**First and Last names only, and to a reasonable character length. I reserve the right to deny a name I deem inappropriate, though silliness is encouraged.

First Winner

To be announced November 1st!